Swipe Vault Review. Swipe Your Way to Success.

If you want to know what the Swipe Vault service is about and how it can help you to improve your marketing efforts, please, read the following Swipe Vault review.

This review covers all the details of the service, shows its advantages and disadvantages, and gives all the information you need to decide if you need Swipe Vault or not.

Swipe Vault. What’s Inside?

Swipe Vault ReviewThe Swipe Vault service, created by Chris Luck, is an all-in-one place for those Internet marketers who want to make real achievements in online business and gain the most profits they deserve. You just open the Swipe Vault’s library of time-proven headings, power words, bullet points, graphics, ads, videos, templates, sales pages, etc, take what suits your business, apply that and watch how your revenues grow. It’s that simple.

Chris Luck’s service is based on reverse engineering. His team collects the best performing ads, banners, landing pages and other essential  marketing tools from all over Internet and offline media, so that you, as a member, can use them to build a strong foundation for your online business from the very start. You just take a proven path and it leads you in the right direction.

Product Details

Swipe Vault consists of twelve main components:

  1. Fundamental Vault. It’s the basics: keywords, headlines, bullets, and power words.
  2. Funnel Vault. It’s all about all the types of converting marketing funnels: opt-in funnels, sales funnels, webinar funnels, and so on.
  3. Direct Response Vault. Here you will find mail orders, B2B ads, book promotions, fundraising, etc.
  4. Magalog Vault. Another vault from offline world: business opportunities, magazine ads,  and other stuff from offline industries that can light some bulbs in your brain.
  5. Magazine Cover Vault. It’s a collection of best magazine covers.
  6. Newspaper Vault. If you need best converting newspaper ads of all times, you’ll find them here.
  7. Legends Vault. This module contains copywriting swipe files from many industry legends like C. Hopkins.
  8. Graphics Vault. With graphics and templates from this module you will definitely stand out from your competitors.
  9. Video Sales Letter Vault. It includes video sales letters from various niches.
  10. Webinar Vault provides the best webinars from the most profitable industries.
  11. Membership Vault. If you need some advice what works for membership sites, you’ll find it here.
  12. Swipe Vault Community. Here you can ask questions, share your experience, find other marketers for further cooperation, learn others expertise and sharpen your Internet marketing skills to bring even more cash into your pockets.

You can find more details at Swipe Vault’s official website.

Pros and Cons of the Service


  • Swipe Vault is good for everyone. It doesn’t matter how experience in marketing you are: this service will definitely improve your skills and increase your profits if you use the materials in a right way.
  • Personal Approach. You can not only use the huge library of marketing ideas that is open for every member, but you also can request reverse engineering of any site that is not included by default.
  • Every Swipe is Proven. You just take it and apply it to your business.
  • 100% Full Refund Guarantee. Chris Luck offers 60-day money back guarantee for his service, so if you do not like it for any reason you can get your money back.


  • Monthly/Quarterly Subscription. As the service is not free, it can be expensive at the first glance but if you’re serious about you business, this membership will not only pay for yourself but also bring you lots of extra money.
  • Swipe Vault is a digital product. No shipping, download only.

Swipe Vault

Final Words

If you really want to improve your marketing efforts and after reading this Swipe Vault review you think that this program can help you, then you should visit the official site of the program, download and simply test it. The author provides a money-back guarantee, so you can buy Swipe Vault without any concern.


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