Salehoo Review. A Directory of Wholesale and Drop Shipping Companies

If you want to know what the Salehoo service is about and how it can help you to find wholesale companies and drop shipping suppliers, please, read the following Salehoo review.

This review covers all the details of the service, shows its advantages and disadvantages, and gives all the information you need to decide if you need Salehoo or not.

Salehoo. What’s Inside?

Salehoo ReviewThe Salehoo service, created by Simon Slade and Mark Ling, is a well-known and trusted wholesale and dropshipping supplier directory that includes more about 8000 verified companies from more than a hundred countries all around the world. Salehoo was founded in 2005 and now it has 29 employees and a network of eBay PowerSellers. The service has an A+ rating at BBB (Better Business Bureau).

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to drop shipping and selling things online or a professional seller: Salehoo will help you in both cases. Having about 1.6 million products from 150 product categories at hand you can not only sell various items at eBay as a reseller but also build your own online store and start gathering a client base.

Product Details

The Salehoo service has a number of features and components:

  1. Wholesale Suppliers Directory. The directory provides a huge list of companies which offer one or more of the following services: wholesale, liquidations, drop shipping, customer returns, and close outs. it is also structured into categories: from video games to clothing, from jewelry to kids toys. You’ll get not only a list of companies as with other similar services, but also an in-depth presentation from Salehoo’s stuff about how reliable and potentially good for your business they are.
  2. Private Forum. A Salehoo membership provides an opportunity to ask any related question on a specialized forum and get an answer from other members or Salehoo’s stuff. So, if you’re stuck with ideas or cannot choose a particular supplier, you can always ask for help.
  3. Market Research Lab. This tool provides some basic info about how competitive and potentially profitable certain goods and niches are.
  4. Seller Training Center. If you’re new to drop shipping or selling things online at all, you can get some valuable tips at Salehoo’s training center and eCommerce blog. The information is free for everyone except some bonus articles for paid members.

Here’s a more detailed review of what’s inside the Salehoo service.

Pros and Cons of the Service


  • Legitimate wholesale suppliers. All 8000+ suppliers from the directory are real companies with real products. Every company must meet the Salehoo’s strict requirements to be added to the list.
  • 1.6 million products in 150 categories. You can find almost anything to sell online: consumer electronics, jewelry, clothing, toys, computers, tablets, and much much more.
  • Built-in sorting filters. Sorting features include the age of a company, its ability to ship internationally, the order amount required, the type of the company, etc.
  • Helpful customer support. If you have any question related to Salehoo’s service you can always contact the service’s stuff via members forum, personal email or phone and get a professional advice.
  • 100% Full Refund Guarantee. Simon Slade and Mark Ling offer 60-day money back guarantee for their service, so if you do not like it for any reason you can get your money back.


  • Salehoo cannot do all the work for you. It’s just a list of companies (though a very good one). You will have to contact suppliers and agree on your further business cooperation by your own.
  • The amount of information may seem to be overwhelming. If you don’t know what you exactly want, you may find it a bit difficult to choose the right direction from the very start. Surely, the customer support will gladly help you to solve the issue.
  • Salehoo service is a digital product. No shipping, online access only.
  • The service is not free.


Final Words

If you want to find lots of wholesale companies and drop shipping suppliers and after reading this Salehoo review you think that this service can help you, then you should visit its official site and simply test it. The author provides a money-back guarantee, so you can buy Salehoo without any concern.


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