Language of Desire Review. How to Make a Man Love You.

If you want to know what the Language of Desire program is about and how it can help you to sexually excite a man with dirty words and phrases, please, read the following Language of Desire review.

This review covers all the details of the program, shows its advantages and disadvantages, and gives all the information you need to decide if you need Language of Desire or not.

Language of Desire. What’s Inside?

Language of DesireLanguage of Desire program, created by Felicity Keith and Michael Fiore, is a comprehensive system which reveals all the efficient techniques and secrets on how to sexually attract any man you want in a quick and easy manner. This whole course is not just about using the “dirty” language but is also based on the psychology of the male sexual behavior (that’s why it’s so powerful).

All the techniques from this course – there are more than thirty of them – will teach you how to talk to a man you desire in a way which affects his mind and make him really want to be with you for as long as you want. With such techniques as Erotic Telepathy, Madonna Moan, Porn Destroyer Phrase, Verbal Viagra, Pavlov’s Erection and others you’ll quickly level up your relationship and seduction skills and become more confident when choosing your partner.

Language of Desire tricks will help you not only to turn on a man you barely knew before acquaintance but also sexually engage a person who always considered you to be his “friend”.

Product Details

The Language of Desire course consists of four main components:

1. 10 core training modules:

  • Introduction
  • Become A Sexual Superwoman
  • Loving Man’s Best Friend
  • Brain Chemistry And Sex
  • Erotic Action Movie Technique
  • Desire Intensifiers
  • Upgrade Your Relationship Status
  • Getting Your Fantasies Met
  • When Sex Isn’t Possible
  • Dirty Talk Mastery

2. Silent Seduction module which teaches the proper body language you should use to show a man your intention.

3. Done For Your Texts module which consists of more than 200 “dirty” text messages you can send to your partner at any time you want.

4. Unstoppable Confidence module which teaches how to raise your confidence when talking to men.

Here you can find more information about the Language of Desire program.

Pros and Cons of the Program


  • Language of Desire can help any one of you. The program includes lots of techniques and methods to understand what the man you desire wants and how to turn him on, that’s why it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, shy or communicative, ordinary or outstanding – using Felicity Keith’s tips you will easily find a way to his heart.
  • The program is comprehensive and easy-to-understand. Language of Desire is very easy to follow, as it is written in a clear language without any unnecessary fluff. It contains only relevant information that you can use to understand your man’s sexual psychology and build a much better intimate connection with him. Moreover, Language of Desire provides answers to lots of questions you may be embarrassed or afraid to ask.
  • It is affordable. It’s not hundreds or thousands of dollars that you’ll have to pay to find out how to draw that man’s attention to your person. It’s only a fraction of that, and given the effectiveness of the program, it costs merely nothing.
  • 100% Full Refund Guarantee. Felicity Keith offers 60-day money back guarantee for her program, so if you do not like it for any reason you can get your money back.


  • Some techniques can offend some women. As Felicity Keith uses sexually explicit language and provides straightforward methods at times, some women can be offended by that, and if you are one of them you should probably avoid the product.
  • Language of Desire is a digital product. No shipping, download only.
  • The guide is not free.

Language of Desire review

Final Words

If there is a man you desire and you want to make him desire you and after reading this Language of Desire review you think that this program can help you, then you should visit the official site of the program, download and simply test it. The author provides a money-back guarantee, so you can buy Language of Desire without any concern.


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